Everything we know about The Block 2024 'XX' Block Island!

Everything we know about The Block 2024 'XX' Block Island!


In November 2023, it was announced that The Block would be moving to 113-119 Justice Road, Cowes (Philip Island) for the milestone 20th season of the show. The location is a rundown holiday park that includes a communal pool, shed and private driveway. 

Filming Dates:

The Block 2024 has finished filming just a few weeks ago. Filming began in February and finished in June..



The 2024 logo includes roman numerals 'XX' representing the 20th season for the show. Penguins are also included as they are commonly found on Phillip Island!

the block 2024 logo


While there was originally speculation that Season 20 would be an all-stars, it has been confirmed that there will be an all new cast of 5 teams.


Jesse and Paige - Blue Team

Courtney and Grant - Red Team

Kylie and Brad - Green Team

Ricky and Haydn - Yellow Team

Mimi and Kristian - Purple Team


Rumours have swirled that blue team Jesse and Paige have quit! Replacements are sisters Maddy and Charlotte (Pink Team) who will come in to replace Jesse and Paige.

Block Tipping Contest: 

This year we will be running a tipping contest for this season of The Block (2024). The season is expected to begin in August, so we are now opening registration for the contest!

All Stars Return: 

The Block has confirmed that 22 All Stars will return this year to build something 'never done before' on The Block!

The teams returning are:

Steph and Gian (2023), Eliza and Liberty (2023), Jimmy and Tam (2020), Alisa and Lysandra (2013, 2014), Ronnie and Georgia (2017, 2021), Michael and Carlene (2014), Kyal and Kara (2014), Tom and Sarah-Jane (2022), Omar and Oz (2022), Dale and Sophie (2012) and Andy and Deb (2019). 

Start Date: 

The Season 20 promo has said that the block will begin after the 2024 Paris Olympics.


The judges for 2024 are Marty Fox, Darren Palmer and Shaynna Blaze after Neale Whittaker announced he would not be returning this year.


Scotty Cam & Shelley Craft will be once again hosting the successful show.

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Stay tuned for more updates!!


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