Home Gym & Exercise Equipment Policy

Home Gym & Exercise Equipment Purchase Policy


We try out best to ensure that gym and exercise equipment sold at Delldesign Living are safe. All equipment is inspected to ensure the safety of customers. 

It is your role, to check equipment before use to ensure a safe experience. Improper use of equipment could result in severe injury or death, so prior knowledge or experience in using gym equipment is required. We ARE NOT liable or responsible for any injury suffered from as a result of improper use of any gym/exercise equipment sold at Delldesign Living.

If you receive a faulty item, or have questions about the product, please contact us within 7 days of receiving item at delldesignliving@gmail.com and include your order details (starting with DL followed by a series of numbers)

If your item appears to be faulty DO NOT use and DO NOT send back to us, contact us, and we will give further directions on what you should do. This may involve being sent a repair part, being granted a refund or being sent back to us for repair/replacement. However, we will inform you on what to do if you are in this situation. If you are instructed to send back, we will provide a return address label.