Meet the Owner



Owner & Founder | Design Services Director

Meet Will, the owner/manager and creative director of Delldesign Living, an Australian owned and operated homewares and furniture company based in Glass House Mountains, QLD. 

Having completed the professional course for the 'Planner 5D' software, Will possesses an understanding of the tools and techniques necessary to bring hiscreative visions to life. He is currently pursuing the interior design certificate course at the 'Planner 5D Design School' to further  broaden his skills and knowledge in the field. 


In June 2022, Will founded Delldesign Living with a vision in mind. With an initial offering of 1000 products and 30 collections, he aimed to provide high-quality homewares and furniture that would cater to diverse styles of homes across Australia. Through his journey, Will has successfully expanded Delldesign Living's product range to over 6000 items storewide, which are now available for purchase throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Despite his young age, Will has proven himself as a trusted entrepreneur. As a finalist in the Glass House Mountains Small Business Awards for three consecutive years (2021, 2022, and 2023), Will has demonstrated his ability to navigate challenges and stand out amongst other businesses.

Will's entrepreneurial passion for design continues to drive him forward. At the start of 2024 he launched Design Services starting with 3D Home Visualisation Services providing clients building a new home to visualise their home prior to building with their respective construction company.

Will is constantly seeking new ways to provide exceptional products and experiences for his customers. With his keen eye for aesthetics, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Will aims to be a trusted name in the homewares and furniture industry.


As the owner/manager and creative director of Delldesign Living, Will has a commitment to quality and customer experiences that sets Delldesign Living apart.

Will looks forward to providing you with quality homewares and furniture for your home in the future.

Thank you for your support,

Will Dellaway - Owner, Manager & Design Services Director