Indigenous Australian Cultural Hotel Reception

Indigenous Australian Cultural Hotel Reception


To design a culturally appropriate representation of Indigenous culture and artwork in a hotel reception room using natural fibres and meaningful artwork in lifts, flooring, wall coverings & decor. The reception area needs to be functional, while also creating visual interest to visitors as well as bringing wonder upon visitors to find out the meaning behind the artworks. The Australian Aboriginal Art designs may be printed onto wallpaper to be displayed in a subtle, yet impactful manner. Fabrics should be made out of sustainable materials which are sourced from ethically sourced backgrounds. Indigenous artworks should be commissioned and respectfully credited to its rightful Indigenous Australian Artist. The aim is to bring the outside in with native Australian plants & foliage, earthy tones and neutral colour palette. The purpose of using Indigenous artwork and meanings is to welcome International visitors as well as those returning home to the traditional Australian Indigenous culture and aesthetics upon their arrival. This would suit hotels in close proximity to international airports. Other concepts could include meeting rooms, hotel suites, matching manchester/bedding, room furnishings and building exterior design. International hotel chains such as Novotel could be approached to consider these themes and others in various collections and collaborations with artists.

*All indigenous artwork used in 5D Visualisations have been purchased and credited to their rightful designer. (see below images)


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