Hamptons Style Design Tips - Transform Your Home with These Top Tips

Hamptons Style Design Tips - Transform Your Home with These Top Tips

by Will Dellaway | Owner & Manager, Design Services Director |


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Discover the allure of Hamptons style – the current favourite in home design that effortlessly combines sophistication, modernity, and tradition. Creating the signature Hamptons look involves a delicate balance of navy blue fabrics, light timbers, and white/cream hues, complemented by occasional brass fixtures. Unlike the beachy vibe, Hamptons exudes elegance without resorting to seashells and nautical clichés.

Elevate Your Walls with Wainscoting:

Embrace the essence of Hamptons with meticulous attention to detail, starting with wainscoting. This wall decoration, celebrated for its intricate detailing, introduces shadows, shapes, and room definition. Take inspiration from the image, where wainscoting is skillfully crafted at a maximum height of 1m from the skirting boards. Elevate the charm by painting the wainscoting in a contrasting colour, adding visual interest to the space – a timeless touch for a sophisticated Hamptons look.

Set the Foundation with Elegant Floors:

Ground your Hamptons haven with darker floorboards, preferably a rich dark brown. This choice creates a striking contrast against the bright white walls and furnishings. Straight floorboards are the classic choice, but feel free to explore the timeless allure of herringbone or parquetry flooring. Opt for durability, strength, and subtlety. When it comes to carpets, choose a shade that complements your personal taste – either lighter or darker, aligning seamlessly with your unique style. You may like to offset your flooring with a patterned or coloured rug. Shop Rugs here

Illuminate with Statement Lighting:

Lighting is the key to accentuating your Hamptons style. Statement lighting, whether suspended over a kitchen bench or adorning a bedroom, introduces shape and colour to enhance the ambiance. Brass and gold fixtures are particularly effective in brightening up the space. If wainscoting graces a hallway, strategically placed lighting can highlight the intricate lines and decorative features, making it a captivating focal point.

Furnish with Elegance:

The heart of Hamptons style lies in the furnishings, where careful selection can make or break a room. Simplify your choices with our curated Hamptons homewares and furniture category, featuring many items that encapsulate the Hamptons charm. Opt for dark navy blues paired with whites and greys for a refined look – steering clear of overly light blues that evoke a beachy aesthetic. Remember, Hamptons is synonymous with sophistication, not beach vibes.

In your kitchen, emulate our design featuring deep navy blue cabinetry, navy/timber stools, and a white, light island bench and splashback. This harmonious blend captures the essence of Hamptons style – a perfect balance of dark and light.

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Texture and Elegance in Furnishings:

Bring depth to your Hamptons home with furnishings that exude texture, softness, pattern, and interest. Gold or brass handles on cabinetry and furniture add a touch of extra elegance – a hallmark of Hamptons aesthetics. Picture an elegant navy blue armchair, adorned with subtle patterns, paired with a refined 4-5 seater lounge in a living room. This combination radiates sophistication and understated luxury.

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Embark on your Hamptons design journey, where every element combines to create a space that resonates with timeless elegance. From meticulous wainscoting to carefully selected furnishings, let your home embody the charm of Hamptons style – a contemporary classic that continues to captivate.

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