What is Hamptons style home?

What is Hamptons style home?

Hamptons... It's the style everyone loves at the moment!

Why does it work so well? How do you create that signature hamptons look?

Hamptons style, includes navy blue fabrics and colours, light timbers, white/cream colours and occasional brass fixtures & fittings. To create a GREAT hamptons look, it is important NOT to create a 'kitch' look (such as adding seashells etc), and focus on creating a sophisticated look, rather than a nautical vibe. Hamptons can easily be confused with nautical beachy, but it is far from this! Hamptons is sophisticated, modern and traditional. 


Start with your walls:

Hamptons is all aboutImage Credit: https://intrimmouldings.com.au/blog/what-is-wainscoting-called-in-australia/ the detail! Wainscoting is a great place to start. This wall decoration is all about detail (something hamptons is all about!) and creates shadows, shape and room definition. As you can see in the image to the right >>, The wainscoting is built at a maximum height of 1m from the skirting boards. Its also a fantastic idea to paint the wainscoting in a different/contrasting colour to the above wall colour to add interest to the space. (white, with grey walls as in this image) >>>

Image Credit: https://intrimmouldings.com.au/blog/what-is-wainscoting-called-in-australia/

 Then your floors:

Hamptons homes generally have a darker floor board (definitely NOT black!), something around dark brown. This provides contrast from the white, bright walls and furniture. Straight floorboards work best, however, herringbone or parquetry flooring also works. Pick flooring that is durable, strong and subtle. When selecting carpet, choose lighter or darker! Whichever works with your personal taste and style.

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Lighting really affects how your style works! In Hamptons style homes, statement lighting works great. Whether this be over a kitchen bench, or in a bedroom lighting with shape and colour work great. Brass/gold lights work great in hamptons homes, and help to brighten up a space. If you decide to include wainscoting as a feature in a hallway, its great to add lighting either; highlighting or shining up from the floor on the wainscoting to make a feature of all the lines and decorative features.

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Furnishings can make or break a room. We make this easier for you with our Hamptons homewares/furniture category where you can shop over 300+ hamptons style. We suggest using dark navy blues, paired with whites and greys. Using too light of a blue creates a beachy, not hamptons look. Remember! - Hamptons is sophisticated NOT BEACH! 

In this kitchen we designed, we used really dark cabinetry, with navy/timber stools and a white, light island bench and splashback. 

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Using furnishings with texture, softness, pattern and interest are great in a Hamptons home. Gold/brass handles on cabinetry and furniture adds that extra elegance that Hamptons is. In a living room, using an elegant navy blue armchair with shape and elegance is great, when paired with a subtle 4-5 seater lounge. 

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