Bedroom Styling & Re-vamp Tips 101

Bedroom Styling & Re-vamp Tips 101

Is your bedroom in need of a re-vamp? Check out our comprehensive guide to transform your space, step by step:

  1. Evaluate Your Existing Setup:

    Begin by taking a closer look at your bedroom. Assess the current arrangement of furniture and consider how a reorganization could enhance functionality and visual appeal. Think about the placement of key elements like your bed and desk. Small adjustments, such as moving furniture around, can make the space more usable and create a more open feel.

    Take stock of existing items like cushions and bedding. Consider how these elements contribute to your preferred color scheme. If your cushions don't align with your vision, think about finding multiple cushions in the same color scheme and arranging them on your bed in a way that feels right. Similarly, examine your bedding and explore the possibility of introducing new items or swapping out duvet covers and pillowcases. Adding a throw to your bed can also introduce an extra layer of dimension and comfort.

    Take note of the location of windows in your room. Optimize this natural light source by arranging your furniture to take advantage of the available sunlight. If you're fortunate enough to have multiple windows, consider positioning your desk to face outward, allowing you to appreciate any scenic views. This arrangement can foster inspiration and excitement about the activities you pursue in your bedroom.

    Assess any floor coverings, such as rugs, and consider how they can make a statement in your room. If you have a rug that complements your color scheme, try placing it in the middle of the room with the widest side facing along the shortest wall. This arrangement can create the illusion of a larger space.

    Finally, if there are existing furniture pieces like chairs or tables that you're not particularly fond of, consider upcycling them. Upcycling, which involves adding a fresh coat of paint and perhaps new handles, is a cost-effective way to transform the look and feel of your room without breaking the bank.

  2. Create a Striking Feature Wall:

    One of the most impactful ways to revitalize your bedroom is by creating a feature wall. There are various approaches, each with its own cost considerations. Here are some options:

    • Painting: Choose a color that resonates with you for the long term. While many opt for neutral tones, the key is to select a color that brings you joy and suits your aesthetic preferences.

    • Wallpaper: Explore the wide range of wallpaper designs available. Some printers even offer custom designs, allowing you to tailor the wall to your unique style. Professional installation ensures a lasting impact.

    • Artwork Display: For a cost-effective option, consider arranging artworks, photos, and wall hangings on a single wall. Experiment with different sizes and textures to add interest. Introduce a mirror to create the illusion of more space.

    • Curtain Wall: Another unconventional yet effective approach is to hang curtains just above the wall. Sheer curtains work well for this, adding texture and dimension even if there's no window to cover.

  3. Illuminate Stylishly:

    Thoughtful lighting choices can significantly enhance the ambiance of your bedroom. Aim for a balance between functionality and style by incorporating three types of lighting:

    • General Lighting: This illuminates the entire room and can include options like fan-light combos, track lighting, or ceiling lights.

    • Task Lighting: Designed for specific activities, such as homework at your desk. Options include pendants, chandeliers, or desk lamps.

    • Accent Lighting: Adds drama or personalization to your room. Consider colored LED strip lighting or wall sconces. This type of lighting can elevate the overall style of your bedroom.

    To infuse additional interest and excitement, strategically place feature lights around the room. Not only will this enhance the aesthetic, but it will also make your bedroom the envy of your friends.

  4. Use Practical Yet Stylish Storage:

    Australians tend to accumulate a lot of belongings, and finding stylish storage solutions is easier than you might think. Look for storage sets that include a desk, stack of drawers, and a table in matching designs or finishes for added convenience.

    In bedrooms, storage is often in short supply, but this is easily remedied. Invest in storage options with doors or covers for internal shelves. This not only keeps the room clutter-free but also imparts a more mature feel to the space. Choose drawers that complement your existing bed or desk to maintain a stylish and cohesive aesthetic.

    Wardrobes are often overlooked for their storage potential. Enhance their functionality by adding shelving inserts or extra cupboards inside. Every inch of space should be utilized efficiently, even if it's not immediately visible. Keep the interiors organized and tidy, ensuring easy access to your belongings when needed.

    Augment your room's storage capacity by installing hooks and shelves strategically. These additions provide extra spaces for trinkets, hats, caps, or school uniforms. Select hooks that complement your bedroom surfaces, promoting continuity and flow in your overall design.

  5. Create a Comfortable, Yet Practical Reading Zone:

    Regardless of your reading habits, establishing a designated seating zone is a great idea. This space is perfect for nighttime reading or simply relaxing. Consider the following elements:

    • Lamp Illumination: Add a lamp to create an ambient space at night and illuminate your book or other activities. Select a bedside table that accommodates a book for added convenience.

    • Seating Options: Invest in comfortable seating, such as large cushions or beanbags, to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Alternatively, explore small armchairs, some of which come with drawers for added functionality. Placing an armchair in the room defines the space, and a rug underneath further enhances this definition.

    • Shelving Above: Install a shelf above the reading area to keep your favorite books within reach. Complement the seating with cushions and throws to instantly transform the space into a stylish and practical reading nook.

By following these steps, you can revitalize your bedroom, creating a space that is not only visually appealing but also functional and tailored to your unique style. Whether it's a simple rearrangement of furniture or a more significant transformation with feature walls and lighting, these steps offer a roadmap to achieve the bedroom of your dreams.

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