Project Insight: Heritage Front, Modern Back!

Project Insight: Heritage Front, Modern Back!

Heritage Front, Modern Back!

In our latest project, the heritage front, modern back home we wanted to create something that seamlessly merges the heritage original 2 storey red brick building at the front, to a brand new 2 storey modern extension at the rear.

Our clients brief was to bring the front back to life and create a modern interpretation of the front in the extension section of the home. 

You can take a look for yourself at this amazing home here....

Explore this project in 3D


Due to the slope of land, the extension would be 600mm lower than the front
building, meaning that there would be a drop down. To ensure that 'seamless' look we used the same flooring as the extension on the stairs to give the impression of a flat surface. In addition, we used an archway to give grandeur to the extension entrance.

The Plan

Level 1

The ground floor of this project consists of a formal living room situated in the original building area. An archway and 600mm dropdown connects this space to the extension consisting of a stairway, kitchen, living, dining and alfresco space. A single garage is also accessible via the base of the stairs.

Level 2

The second storey of the home consists of an original balcony on the front coming off of a guest bedroom which includes an original fireplace. Following this, there is a communal living area with space for seating, a staircase as well as an angled off-hanging living area to the right of the building. There is also another guest bedroom, bathroom and master suite with ensuite and W.I.R. Large windows, and light coloured flooring creates the illusion of more space, to an already space plentiful area.

The Design

The brief for this home, was luxe modern. This meant that sleek finished, square set ceilings and black highlights were all in order!... but not for the original building. In the original bedroom and living room fireplace restorations, decorative cornicing and old style doors were in order. But for the extension, it was all sleek, black and grey! See some photos of the interior below.

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